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What is a CSA?

CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. A popular way to support a local farm, learn how your fruits and vegetables are grown, eat healthy, and connect directly to a farmer. Historically, CSA programs were established to help farmers secure capital to run their farms. By committing to a farm and paying up front, you are allowing the farmer to purchase seeds, pay rent, and pay employees for their work prior to the harvest season when revenue begins. 

You purchase a ‘share’ of our farm, committing to a 17-week season, and in return we deliver your weekly share of fresh produce to a drop site of your choosing. Each week the contents of your share will change depending on what is in season, ranging from asparagus in the early part of the season to apples in the fall, allowing you to experience the variety of a true Minnesota growing season. 

While in most CSA programs you share in the risk and rewards of the farmers' work, we are able to offer peace of mind through our diversified business model. At Untiedt’s, we take pride in the ability to grow for a variety of customers, allowing us elasticity in our production. Our diversified business model ensures that we are always able to fill our CSA shares each week. As we celebrate our 10th season with our CSA program, we have never missed a week with our CSA members! 


We are proud to offer two types of shares: 

Our FAMILY SHARE is perfect for a household of 3-4 people. This size share features 7-10 different items each week, and will give you the widest variety our farm has to offer!

This share is ideal for you if:

  • You enjoy cooking at home 4-5 nights a week.
  • You are ready to experiment with new to you foods such as jicama, fennel, shishito peppers, and okra. Crops vary season to season and are weather dependent.


Our MINI SHARE is designed for those who have a smaller household of 2 people. Featuring less variety and less quantity, the mini share is a great way of introducing farm fresh produce into your weekly meals.

This share is ideal for you if:

  • You are a household of two that enjoys cooking 3-4 nights a week.
  • You have a garden already and are just looking to supplement your crops.


The Untiedt’s CSA program lasts for 17 weeks, beginning in mid-June and continuing through early-October. Our program is like none other! We grow over 50 different small fruits and vegetable crops, creating a wide variety of offerings for our members. Along with the large crop offerings comes an extended harvest window.

Our harvest window is must wider than most Minnesota growers because of our use of high tunnels. The use of high tunnels allows us to begin the harvest much sooner than growers who must wait for the risk of frost and cold winds to subside before they are able to sow their seeds in the spring. For example, we are normally able to begin harvest ripe, red tomatoes by the third week of June. This means that our shareholders will be eating Minnesota Grown tomatoes in June instead of waiting until early August, which is when the typical Minnesota farmer begins tomato harvest. 

CSA shares are delivered every Tuesday throughout the CSA season. We have multiple pick up sites to choose from in the metro, both public and private workplace sites. 

As part of the CSA program, you will receive weekly newsletters with information about the farm, produce storage tips, and recipes for items in your weekly share. A Sneak Peek email is sent out every Saturday with what we hope to include in your Tuesday shares.


2021 CSA Rates:
Registration Now Open!
Family Share
Mini Share
Payment plans now available online. The share price is divided into 4 monthly payments.
Family Share Feeds 3-4 people (below) 
Family Share
Week 9 2020 Family Share
   Mini Share Feeds 2 people (below)
Week 9 2020 Example Mini-Share
Check out our shares from 2020. All images are Family size boxes.