Frequently Asked Questions

Are we organic?

To be organic, farms must undergo costly certification by independent certification agencies. Being organic does not mean that sprays and chemicals are not used, rather only certain types are allowed under the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency. 

As a natural, sustainable, and local farm, we are not considered organic. We do however, use many organic techniques that allow us to give back to the land each season. 

Our philosophy is much like that of a wise medical practitioner who withholds useful and powerful antibiotics until absolutely necessary, thus enhancing the percentages of pathogen defeat. If, by chance, the doctor prescribed these products at every opportunity, the chances of resistance to these medicines, or pesticides in our case, is greatly increased. 

Do we spray?

In a short answer, yes. But, much like our take on organic farming, we use other methods to help us stay away from always using pesticides and herbicides as much as possible. 

A better question to ask is what do we spray? 

Through soil amending techniques, we are adding natural nutrients back into the soils in order to keep the need for any type of spray low. 

Take a look at other ways we limit the use of sprays.

Where are your locations?

We have locations across the metro, you can view them here:

Garden Centers

Vegetable Stands

Farmers Markets

Do you recycle?

Yes! We recycle as much as we can! Plastics, cardboard, and packaging....we reuse and recycle them all. 

We also compost. All unsold produce is either donated to local food shelves, or is placed on our compost piles.

Where do all the unsold pumpkins go?

Pumpkins left over at our retail locations are either donated or composted.

Left over pumpkins at the farm are placed in the compost pile, left out on the field to feed animals, and some are even given to Farmer Jerry's chickens! 


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