Fall Ornamentals




Hand harvested, dried, and hand tied, our cornstalk bundles make the statement that fall has arrived! Valued for its festiveness, cornstalks are also a wonderful way to give back to nature. The grains contained in the cob and seed heads provide much needed nourishment for our feathered friends.








With such unique shapes and textures, gourds are a beautiful addition to your fall display. These “little guys” develop contorted forms and shapes as they are subjected to nature’s extremes. Combine them with our Mini-Pumpkins or Wee-Be-Littles for a festive centerpiece on your fall table.



Ornamental Corn

Hand harvested, dried, and hand tied, Ornamental Corn is a product valued for its ability to celebrate with bountiful colors well into fall.





Our Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins are deep orange with thick walls and firm stems, perfect for carving. We also grow a large variety of decorative pumpkins including Cinderella, blues, whites, and warty pumpkins. Whether they are they sweet, pie pumpkins;round, smooth painting pumpkins; display pumpkins; or Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins, you can feel comfortable knowing you are purchasing from a sustainable, local, family-farm.





We grow a beautiful variety of garden mums, both early-blooming varieties for August-September color, and late bloomers for October-November. Colors range from deep reds and oranges to bright yellows and whites, both in a 9” and a 12” pot.