I am picking up at my workplace and am currently working from home due to COVID-19. What happens if we are not allowed to return to work before the CSA deliveries begin?

  • We have many public drop sites available and will work with you to relocate your share to whichever location is most convenient.

Do you offer home delivery?

  • At this time, we do not offer any home delivery services. This is a service we are actively exploring and will provide updates should we decide to make this an offering for the 2021 season.

Why purchase a CSA share instead of shop at local Farmers Markets or the Roadside Vegetable Stands?

  • A CSA share ensures you are getting fresh vegetables each week and removes the obstacles of choosing what to buy. Many of us are creatures of habit and each time we visit our local markets or stands, we purchase the same things. A CSA share adds variety to our diets and makes cooking fun again! Our CSA program is a fun and healthy way to incorporate new vegetables to your weekly meals.

Is your farm organic?

  • While we are not 100% organic, we try to be as natural and sustainable as possible. Whenever possible, we incorporate as many organic techniques as possible to give back to the land each season. 
  • Our philosophy is much like that of a wise medical practitioner who withholds useful and powerful antibiotics until absolutely necessary. Thus, enhancing the percentages of pathogen defeat. If, by chance, the doctor prescribed these products at every opportunity, the changes of resistance to these medicines, or pesticides in our case, is greatly increased.

What can I expect to see in my box each week?

  • We grow over 50 crops on our farm. You can view a listing with expected harvest dates here. Please remember that harvest dates change every year and are almost always out of our control. We promise that you will NEVER see an entire box full of the same item. We have become known for our quality and variety in our shares each week. While we grow many familiar vegetables, we also try to incorporate different varieties, colors, and the occasional new item to expand your palate. 
  • FAMILY SHARES will receive 7-10 items each week, while the MINI SHARES will receive 5-7 items each week.

Can I split a share?

  • Yes, you can split a share with anyone of your choosing. It is entirely your responsibility to split the share. Please realize that the contents in the box may not be equal for both parties. 

When does the season begin?

  • We aim to begin the CSA season mid-June. All communication will be done via email, and you will receive a notification once we have determined the best start date.

Can I select which items I would like to receive?

  • At this time we are not able to customize shares. 

Where are your pick up locations?

  • We deliver to multiple sites around the metro. You can view all of our drop sites here.

Can I get my box delivered to me at work?

  • Absolutely! We partner with many corporate locations throughout the Twin Cities. If you are interested in having your workplace or community be a drop site please contact us.

What if I’m out of town for a week?

  • You may have a friend or family member pick up your share for you. We can also have your share delivered to a different location for the week if necessary. Please sign into your portal and adjust your pickup location or contact Colleen a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

What if I forget to pick up my box?

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to hold or credit shares if you miss a pickup. All shares are delivered on Tuesdays. Some pickup sites are more forgiving than others, but we cannot guarantee your share will be available the following day.

What if something is missing from my share?

  • Occasionally something gets missed. Please note this is not on purpose and purely an accident. Just contact us and we would be more than happy to get your item replaced.

The sizing of my produce is different than the sizing of the produce in another box.

  • We wish all produce could be grown exactly the same, but unfortunately it does not work that way. While we try to pack all boxes evenly, produce sizes do vary.

Something in my share is rotten or not edible, what do I do?

  • Just let us know and we will be more than happy to take care of it for you. Occasionally, something may slip through the cracks that is less than perfect. We never purposely send out subpar produce, but we do guarantee everything and are happy to replace something if it is bad on the inside.

Is there a deadline to sign up?

  • The earlier you sign up the better! We sold out in 2020 and had to turn members away. While we have added a few more shares for the 2021 season, we encourage you to sign up as early as possible. By signing up early, you are helping the farm purchase necessary seeds and equipment for the next season. 

Can I visit the farm to see how my food is grown?

  • In a non-COVID-19 world the answer is ABSOLUTELY! We typically host farm tours throughout the month of July. At these tours, you are able to see one of our production areas and understand how we use high tunnel farming to increase our yields and provide you with the highest quality produce. These tours also include a farm fresh meal. During COVID-19, all tours of the farm have been halted. Stay tuned for more details.

What is the CSA Member Agreement?

Where do I sign up?

Do you have payment plans available?

  • Yes, payment plans are available for the CSA shares. Payment plans are divided into 4 monthly payments and will be available on December 1st, 2020.

What do I do with my used box?

  • At this time, we are not able to accept used CSA boxes due to health and packaging regulations. We encourage you to break them down and recycle them at home.

When will I know what is going to be in my weekly share?

  • A ‘Sneak Peek’ email is sent out on Saturday mornings. Please remember that some growing conditions are out of our control and the list on Saturday may slightly differ to the actual contents on Tuesdays. 

Do you include any recipes or a newsletter with your CSA?

  • Yes! We send CSA members a ‘Sneak Peak’ email a few days prior to delivery with what we hope to include in your share, weather permitting. We also send a newsletter on delivery day with details about each item in your share along with recipes and news from the farm.