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Posted 9/3/2019 6:08am by Colleen Quiram.

Well, here it is, the end of summer, first day of school for many of our kids, and fall weather in the air. This is my favorite time of year, and not because it’s pumpkin spice season! But just the return to routine, the cool nights with open windows, and not worrying about heating up the house by turning on the oven. Our cooking style changes with the seasons, from fresh, minimal cook time, grilling nights to longer cook times in the oven or one stove top, filling the house with the aroma of delicious food. I hope the late summer/early fall weather lasts! Because I am not a fan of what comes afterwards…  

Here is our meal plan for the week!

Tuesday – As we return to routine, we are just as busy as ever! Between two activities for my son this evening, we will be having a late meal. I have never had fennel before, and I am excited to try this Roasted Carrot and Fennel Pork tonight! I don’t have as much fennel as it calls for, but hopefully enough to give the dish some flavor. This will use up most of my carrots, the rest will be cleaned and cut into sticks for Joey’s lunch.

WednesdayStir-fried Chicken & Bok Choy, this recipe calls for using only the white part of the plant, but as ours are so petite I will reserve the green tops to add at the end of cooking. Have them on the pan long enough to wilt slightly and heat through.

Thursday – We are all home late this evening between work and a cross-country meet. So quick open-faced Chicken and Cheese BLT’s will be made while watching the Packers game on Thursday night. One of the highlights of my fall is Football Season! I baked chicken breast on Monday already, and have it in the fridge cooled. Just slice some up and build your sandwich with tomato, onion, cheese, lettuce, avocado, whatever you want! You can either toast your bread separately or do as we do, butter the bread and grill open face style on the stove top.

FridayAsian Green Beans with pan-fried Tilapia. Joey is getting a bit tired of the plain stir-fried garlicky green beans I usually make, so we will have a slightly different flavor this week!

Saturday – It looks like it might be a cool, damp weekend, so I think I will make a fresh spaghetti with the tomatoes. Comfort food made fresh.

Sunday – again, it’s football season, which to me means Sundays are spent in the kitchen cooking while watching the game! My team isn’t playing on Sunday, so I will have more attention to give to this fresh Corn Chowder recipe. We’ve had a lot of corn on the cob in the past few weeks, so I will keep my corn cool and damp in the fridge until Sunday (which is really pushing it for sweet corn to stay sweet, just a heads up…better to cook the corn earlier in the week if you can)

That just leaves the melons and apples, which are easily added to lunches and snacks for Joey. He will devour the cantaloupe, and the firm texture of this melon should hold up well in a container in his lunch. Remember to keep the melons on your counter until ready to cut, and as these are picked ripe you will want to cut them in the next day or two. Not a fan of fresh honeydew? Try ours, I know the honeydew in the stores are often hard and crunchy, but these are sweet and delicious. Here are some other ideas for your melon as well.

As always, I hope these recipes help spark some joy in cooking for you and help you to use your entire box! Enjoy this return to routine if you have school-aged kids, and hopefully get outside to enjoy an evening walk before the sun sets.


Posted 8/27/2019 7:36am by Colleen Quiram.

Yesterday was such a cool, wet day, and this morning is absolutely stunning! When I arrived at the farm this morning, I was amazed at the clear sky and all the stars I could see…it was breathtaking.

I hope you are taking advantage of our canning special this week! There is still time to order your tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Whether you are chopping and freezing the peppers and tomatoes or putting up what you can of the harvest into beautiful jars, now is the best time to buy in bulk and eat locally all winter long. And as Jerry stated in his newsletter, the corn is absolutely fantastic right now, and I have a very easy recipe to share with you for freezing! This recipe comes from my Aunt, who also happens to be a CSA member. A word of caution, as the corn is not cooked prior to freezing, plan to use whatever you freeze within the year. Even in the depths of a freezer, enzymes and bacteria are still active and will slowly break down your corn over an extended period of time. (here is some of the science behind freezing produce.)

The best part of this recipe is that it is made in small batches, you don’t need a whole sack (4 doz) corn but can use just 1 dozen corn at a time. I do suggest using canning salt rather than kosher, as canning salt is the most pure and will dissolve easily in the ice water. If you are in a pinch, you can use kosher but grind it up a bit more. Do not substitute table salt as it has too many additives and will affect the quality of your frozen corn.


My meal planning this week is a bit all over the place, not only are we headed out camping for Labor Day, but our stove also is on the fritz and all our meals will need to be cooked on the grill until we can get it fixed or replaced.

Tuesday Night: Shrimp skewers, packet green beans with bacon & onion, and half of our cauliflower grilled with garlic and butter. Just cut the cauliflower in half, place on a large piece of tinfoil, dot with butter (liberally), sprinkle with garlic powder, kosher salt, and cracked black pepper. Wrap up in the foil and place on the grill for about 30min. For the green beans: dice up some bacon and onion, place on the bottom of a tinfoil packet, top with trimmed, rinsed and still damp green beans, and then more bacon and onion. Wrap up tightly in the foil and place on the grill, turning every so often, for about 20min until beans are tender.

Wednesday night: Burgers and Corn!!

Thursday we will be headed out of town already, camping with 5 other families. Each family takes one meal, and we always do a big breakfast. I will chop the green peppers ahead of time, and slice the poblanos, to sauté for topping eggs. Potatoes will be steamed and diced, ready for breakfast potatoes on the camp stove.

Slices of cucumber, grape tomatoes, and purple cauliflower will be a good healthy snack for the 12 kids that will be there, and I know one of the kids would devour all of the grape tomatoes and cauliflower on her own if I let her! Hopefully I will be able to keep a few tomatoes to myself for caprese skewers. Just a few for a snack for the adults. Apples are a no-brainer, I would be surprised if they even last the week to go camping! While the SnowSweets have long been my favorite variety, these First Kiss apples might just take their place.

That about does it for my box! I am really looking forward to some more fall crops, especially squash. I hope you are too!

A couple tips on your share this week:

  • Take your potatoes out of the bag as soon as you get home, they are a bit damp and will rot very quickly if left in the bag. Leave them on the counter to dry and then store in a cool dry area until ready to use.
  • Purple Cauliflower should be cooked a little differently than you would the white cauliflower as the color will leech out into any cooking water. Best grilled, eaten fresh, or roasted to retain that beautiful purple coloring.
  • You may notice a slight orange tinge on your bell pepper this week. No, they are not turning into red peppers, as that is a different variety, but will slowly turn more orange as they ripen. This color difference does not affect the flavor at all, use as normal!


Posted 8/20/2019 9:44am by Colleen Quiram.

Salsa is the name of the game this week and thank goodness I have a few fun events this weekend to bring them to! As there aren’t many traditional vegetables in this weeks box, I will share a few favorite ideas of mine that I will be making this week instead!

Let’s start with the tomatoes. One quick thing I want to note is that our San Marzanos need a few days to ripen up. Leave them on your counter until Friday or even Saturday, and don’t worry if the stem end gets a tad wrinkled. These tomatoes have little in the way of liquid in them, and will not degrade as quickly as the slicing tomatoes.

My heirloom could also use a few days on the counter, I ended up with a Brandywine, but some of you may have received a Cherokee Purple, Great White, Mr. Stripy, or Pineapple instead. I think of all of the tomatoes we grow, the heirlooms are my absolute favorite. If you eat them fresh alongside your red slicer, you’ll notice a slight flavor difference, whether it be a little more or less acidic, or maybe a little fruity for the white or pineapple tomatoes. Once my tomato is ripe, it will be a quick caprese salad for my husband and me. I think the best way to enjoy these heirlooms is just sliced fresh! Caprese tip – use a balsamic glaze rather than balsamic vinegar. We use a fig-infused one (I got mine at Cub), and the glaze sticks to the cheese and tomatoes much better than the vinegar.

This Saturday we are headed to the beach with a very large group of friends, and I am excited to introduce them to grilled Shishito peppers! Simply skewered, brushed with some sweet chili glaze, and roasted on the grill, there should be enough for everyone to have one or two. I will also be making the roasted tomatillo salsa featured last week for Saturday’s beach day, although I will use a few romas for that instead of the grape tomatoes. Those never make it home, they are just a quick snack at my desk.

The rest of the romas will hopefully be ripe, and I will roast 2-3 of them with the poblanos, garlic, and some onion for a roasted poblano sauce similar to this salsa recipe (I just use more peppers, less tomato). I make this sauce just for Zucchini and Eggplant Roll-ups, I eat the eggplant and my guys eat the zucchini. I slice the zucchini and eggplant with a mandolin lengthwise, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and sear on a hot skillet until flexible enough to roll up. Lay on paper towel until cooled, then spoon some of the roasted poblano sauce down the middle with some shredded fresh mozzarella cheese. Roll up and place in a glass baking dish, top with spoonful’s of fresh tomato sauce, similar to this recipe, and top with a little more fresh mozzarella. Bake until heated through and the cheese is melted.

The tomato season is in full swing, and I have not had my fill of fresh salsas quite yet! I will most likely make a batch of fresh salsa for our fantasy football draft party on Sunday, picking up a few more San Marzanos, garlic, onion, and some sweet Italian peppers at one of our stands, I don’t think I will have enough from just this box.

I am hoping to can some of these San Marzanos early next week, they are so good to add to sauce and stews in the winter. If you want to make some tomato sauce, salsas, can, or freeze tomatoes, now is a great time to get your order in! Just plan to order your romas with a day or two lead time to reach full ripeness before canning.    

As always, email me with questions, comments, and recipes!


Posted 8/13/2019 8:31am by Colleen Quiram.

When I started working with Jerry a decade ago, I did NOT like fresh tomatoes. Cooked in salsa or sauce, that was the only way I would eat them. However, I did not realize just how AMAZING fresh, home grown tomatoes really were, and I had been missing out! Now I want caprese salads, grape tomato snacks, fresh salsa, and anything I can put a fresh tomato on all summer long. I almost never purchase store tomatoes in the winter, the flavor just doesn’t come close. So when I saw that we were putting 6 tomatoes plus grape tomatoes in the box, I was ecstatic! Tomatoes every day this week!

We are headed camping in southern Minnesota this weekend, so my meals most likely look very different from yours. But maybe you will try something new based on our campfire cooking?

Tuesday Night – Burgers with Grilled Sweet Corn, jalapeno poppers, and Caprese Salad (3 corn, 1 heirloom, 1 slicer, 4 Jalapeno), How can we not have burgers and corn on the grill this time of year?! I am also canning tomatoes tonight and will make a small batch of tomato sauce to use camping (3 canner tomatoes, a little onion, garlic)

Wednesday – We will be busy loading the camper, and a set-it-and-forget-it crockpot Tomatillo Pork sounds amazing! And super simple with some rice and cheese in a burrito. This should make enough for us to leave leftovers in the freezer for lunch on Monday. (15 Tomatillos, 1 Jalapeno, 1 onion, garlic)

ThursdayPie Iron Sandwiches with our little head of broccoli, cucumbers and dip. Sandwiches will include tomato, turkey or ham, onion, cheese, and avocado. This is almost always our first night camping meal, because while Shane and I are getting set up, Joey can get the fire started and get the food ready for us to make a quick meal. If you haven’t used pie-irons over a campfire before, it is so FUN! There are so many recipes you can do, not just sandwiches but also pizzas, desserts, and breakfast.

Camping lunches – we will be using the Cipollini onion, one of the green peppers, and a tomato in our wraps for lunch all weekend. I will be snacking on the grape tomatoes, my guys don’t do fresh tomatoes unless on a burger.

Friday – Campfire Corn (3 ears), Dutch oven potatoes, Jalapeno poppers (we will make extra cream cheese filling Tuesday night!) and we haven’t decided if it will be pork chops or steak or brats yet…

SaturdayDutch oven pizza! When we are camping we love to do some of these outdoor cooking methods, it gets Joey more practice for his Boy Scout trips, and it’s so fun to do something out of the norm for dinners! This will use whatever green pepper is left (if there is any), the tomato sauce I made, and any remaining onion.

Sunday – I had better use that Kohlrabi, I will probably bring home some extra ears of corn from the farm, cut it off the cob and saute in a little butter with diced kohlrabi, green pepper, and red onion. This will make a good side dish for some shrimp or salmon Sunday night. (Here's an example recipe)

I am surprised this week, but this box will be used so quickly, I will need to pick up a few more things from the farm for breakfasts and lunches! Probably some more corn, onion, and some sweet Italian peppers that are now available at our stands (we hope to get you some in the CSA in the coming weeks!) And each week we are using our share in just dinners alone, I am almost always having to pick up more items to make our lunches for the week also.

I hope you are finding ways to use your share, maybe in simple recipes the way I am or in more exotic or complicated recipes if you are having friends and family over! As always, send me the recipes you are using, and let us know what you think of the shares!  


Posted 8/6/2019 8:44am by Colleen Quiram.

We are feeling very lucky here today, the storm that dropped hail across our area missed not only our fields, but also some of our employees’ homes in the Delano area. Having lost crops to hail before, we are so thankful that the storm missed us, but our thoughts are with the other farms and people in the area that have hail damage.

I am also thankful that my husband and son did not get flooded out up north at scout camp yesterday morning! They are gone for the entire week, having a wonderful time, leaving me with the task of consuming a half share almost entirely on my own! I changed my normal routine this week in anticipation of this, as we usually meal prep all of our lunches for the week on Sundays. Let’s just say our fridge is PACKED full by Sunday night! However, I waited to do any planning or prepping until I received my box. You’ll see below that I plan on making smaller meals, and I’m planning how much leftovers I will have and when I will use them. I know everyone’s summers can be busy, and it can be really difficult to use a half share in dinners alone! It’s time to start planning to use some of the produce in your lunches or snacks as well, especially when there is so much produce that can be enjoyed without cooking at all!  

Tuesday Dinner – It’s National Night Out! I will be roasting all 5 ears (in the husk even! Husband isn’t home, I can grill how I want!) as soon as I get home, 1 ear will be for dinner tonight, 1 ear I will cut off the cob for lunch tomorrow, and the other three will make Roasted Corn & Black Bean salsa (aka Cowboy Caviar) to share with the neighbors. This will also use some of the onion, and my smaller slicing tomato. I will save some of the salsa to have as a snack for me tomorrow. Grilling 3 salmon fillets tonight to have later this week as well.

Wednesday Lunch – Salmon with roasted corn, diced Shishito peppers and diced onion. I will bring some of the regular grape tomatoes for a mid-afternoon snack, along with about half of a cucumber sliced. I am already eating the grape tomatoes today for a snack also, they’re just so GOOD!

Wednesday Dinner – Heirloom Tomato Caprese Chicken (making 2), with all of my broccoli, green beans and 1 shallot in this recipe. Hopefully this makes 3 meals worth of vegetables, and I want to use my Great White tomato right away, these heirlooms just do not have a long shelf life. I am assuming I will only use about half, which means the other half I will cut into bite sized pieces and snack on while cooking. I’ll roast the beets tonight too, for snacks Thursday and Friday.

Thursday Lunch – Leftover Chicken Caprese with broccoli/green beans. Beets and the other half of that first cucumber for a snack. Corn salsa if there is any left.

Thursday Dinner – I will be working at the gym this evening, so a quick cold dinner will be best! I love wraps, especially with all these fresh ingredients! Shredded chicken, diced tomato, cucumber, onion, and some kale instead of lettuce, cheese and avocado. Yum!

Friday Lunch – that last piece of Salmon, and the rest of the broccoli and green beans. Beets and cucumber again for snacking, maybe some of the heirloom grape tomatoes.

Friday Dinner – Shrimp and Eggplant Caprese (are you sensing a theme, that I love tomatoes with cheese??) I know eggplant is NOT a favorite of many people, but I encourage you to give these little eggplants a try! Not quite enough to make Babaganoush, but plenty to slice, grill, and top with some diced tomato and mozzarella or parmesan cheese. Add in some shrimp skewers and dinner is done!

Saturday – another wrap for lunch, because they’re light and easy! This will use up the rest of the cucumber, and any grape tomatoes that might still be around.

Saturday Dinner – Shane and Joey will be home! It’s not soup season yet, but they both love this recipe and I don’t want to freeze all my kale. I will be making Kale Sausage & White bean soup, which will make enough to have a few lunches for Shane and myself Monday and Tuesday.

Sunday – I left some of the best keepers for last, potatoes! Keeping it simple with grilled steak and potatoes tonight. Will probably swing through one of our vegetable stands to pick up some fresh corn as well.

Even though I write out a plan each week, and we intend to stick to it each week, sometimes the evenings just get away from us. For example, we did not make the Kimchi yet. And I still have some Shishito peppers as we didn’t have the time to make the stuffed peppers from last week either. But the cabbage will keep for a few weeks and is happily sitting in a drawer in my fridge, waiting for Shane to get home and make Kimchi. And I will just chop and freeze the Shishitos to use this winter.

Don’t let these full boxes overwhelm you! If you make a plan and find that your week is not going according to that plan, grab some Ziploc bags and start freezing! This week: the tomatoes can be chopped and frozen in baggies, skin and all, for making tomato sauce this winter. Kale can be rinsed, chopped, loosely packed in bags and frozen for the Sausage and Kale Soup recipe I shared above. The sweet corn can be grilled, cut off the cob, and frozen using this method. The potatoes will keep for weeks in a cool dry area, like a pantry or cool basement, not in the fridge.  

I hope you are all finding ways to use your box, are you making a meal plan for the week? What items are easy for you to use, or what ones do you find difficult so far this year?

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Posted 7/30/2019 8:48am by Colleen Quiram.

What a beautiful morning! We opened every window in the house yesterday, and it got a bit chilly by this morning, but natures air conditioning is a welcome treat. I hope you are also enjoying this beautiful stretch of weather we are having, after this past winter and spring I think we have earned it.

The shares today are full of color, and a few items that are completely new to me! I know my husband will be excited to try the Shishito peppers, he is a pepper fanatic and loves trying different varieties, the hotter the better. I am not such a hot pepper lover, but from what I know these Shishitos range from mild bell pepper to Jalapeno heat, and you never know which one will be the spicy one!

I am also thrilled about the fresh sweet corn! It was harvested late yesterday, and corn does not have a long shelf life as the sugars inside begin converting to starch as soon as they are picked. I suggest using your corn as quickly as possible this week, but if you must keep it for a few days keep it cool and moist. Wrap your corn in a damp paper towel or tea towel and store in the fridge until you are ready to use. Or, grill it all at the same time, cut what you can’t eat off the cob and store in the fridge until you can make black bean and corn salsa.

Shane and Joey will be leaving this Saturday for a week at scout camp, so I have a short meal plan this week and I will be pickling some of the produce so it doesn’t go to waste. If you were lucky enough to sample some of Zander’s pickled patty pan squash at the farm tours, he has shared the recipe with us and I plan to make a small batch of them to enjoy over the next few weeks! Here is the recipe, which will work well for patty pan, cucumbers, or regular zucchini. Reduce amounts based on the amount of produce you are using, and instead of slicing the patty pan, just cut into quarters or bite-size pieces.

In his words:

For 1 gallon jar: 2 glasses of water, then add 2 tablespoons of salt, 2 tablespoons of sugar, a bay leaf. Boil it. Let it cool. Add dill and sliced garlic on the bottom, then little bit of vegetable oil, 3-6 tablespoons of vinegar (or 50-100 grams) up to your preference of taste, some allspice, pepper (black, cayenne, other - up to you) Wash and dry your pickling vegetables (chubs, zucchini, patty pans), than slice them, add into jar and fill with cool marinade water that you made before. Put into the refrigerator for a few days (I do for 3-4 days). Shake it few times a day. Enjoy your pickles!

If you prefer following a more exact recipe, try this one for pickled patty pan squash.

I will also try making my first batch of Kimchi with the red cabbage. We tried a jar from a farmer’s market last year and loved it, so I am excited to try my hand at fermenting at home! I will be using this recipe, with regular red pepper flakes. But if you are going for a more authentic taste, use this Koren red pepper powder, Gochugaru.

Here is my meal plan for the week:

TuesdayShishito Peppers/Pineapple/Shrimp skewers, with 3 cobs of sweet corn and a small batch of pico de gallo on the side to use some tomatoes. Did you see our poll on facebook? We have this discussion in our house all the time, as I am a ‘grill in the husk’ girl, and Shane is a grill in foil guy. Since he runs the grill, we usually cook it his way! Husk your corn, rub softened butter into the cob and sprinkle with salt. Wrap in foil and grill, rotating every few minutes, until done.

Wednesday – I work late this evening at the gym, so Shane and Joey will be on their own for the main meal. But Shane will make some Shishito Poppers for a little snack after I get home! Just like Jalapeno poppers, cut the peppers in half, fill with a mixture of cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and green onion. Wrap in bacon and grill until bacon is cooked. Here is a slightly different recipe also.

Thursday – Burger night with the last three cobs of corn and packet garlic potatoes on the grill. Yep, a pretty basic dinner, but dress up your burgers with avocado, bacon, tomato, onion, pineapple, or even peanut butter! I will make all of the potatoes tonight, even though it’s more than we can eat in one sitting. They will be delicious leftover tomorrow night, reheating by searing in a pan until crispy.

Friday - Roasted Okra with broccoli and grilled salmon. Joey will have BBQ Chicken sandwich and the leftover pan seared potatoes. I asked many of you to share your okra recipes during the farm tours, and I am so glad you sent a few in. I am making this CSA member submitted recipe for Roasted Okra and will just add the broccoli to the pan as well.

Saturday – small dinner just for me! Grilled caprese chicken breast, topped with avocado also. Very simple and will use a little more tomato. I will probably use my smallest tomato for this meal and use the rest with a bit more mozzarella and avocado on the side as well.

I hope you all are finding ways to use all the items in your share! Get outside this week, take a walk, a hike, or enjoy one of our many lakes while the weather is so beautiful.


Posted 7/23/2019 8:50am by Colleen Quiram.

I feel like the last 10 days has just flown by! Suddenly the farm tours are done, soccer season is over, the big move is done (although now comes the unpacking *sigh*), and the weather has cooled making everyone a bit more relaxed. I am so glad many of you joined us on those sweltering Thursday night and cool rainy Saturday tours. Even in the not-so-perfect weather, we had a wonderful time hosting you all. If you were unable to make it to any of the farm tours, we hope you can join us next year!

This week’s share is just beautiful and, aside from the turnips, full of produce we use on a regular basis. We have tried turnips in the past, and while not my favorite, they are still nice to have once in awhile. That’s the whole reason we are a part of a CSA, right? Try something new outside of our food comfort zone!

Tuesday – Tonight we will have BLT’s with one of these beautiful tomatoes! We do these as open faced grilled sandwiches, using sliced ham, onion, tomato, sliced cheese, bacon, and add lettuce at the end. Not really a true BLT, but all the ingredients of a BLT are included. Roasted Turnips and Honey Carrots will round out tonight's meal. Just rinse the carrots, cut into bite sized pieces, place in buttered foil and drizzle with honey. Close up foil packet and grill for 15-20min.

I will also be making a batch of those Grandma Punky Refrigerator Pickles that we enjoyed as a salad on the tour. They will keep for weeks in the fridge, and I sense a lot or burger nights in our future to use them up.

Wednesday – These peppers are beautiful! As the temperature rises, I think we will go with a southwest stuffed pepper on the grill, that way Joey can enjoy the filling in a burrito keeping it simple for us. Joey is not a pepper fan, so we will make the two peppers for us and just the filling for him. 

Thursday – We really liked the Cabbage and Sausage foil packet recipe from last week, this week I will add some of the carrots to the packet as I still have quite a few from the farm tours to use up!

Friday – The guys are headed to the Wright County Demo Derby this evening, so it’s just me and a couple girlfriends at the new house, I think we will have some caprese salad using the tomatoes and share a bottle of wine. #LadiesNightIn

Saturday – Burger night! Big thick slices of the epicurean onion, romaine lettuce, some of those Punky pickles and any tomato that is left (if there isn’t any, I will have to pick one up from our Montrose stand!) We will make some smashed potatoes with dinner also, topped with a little shredded cheese and crumbled bacon.

Sunday – Grilled chicken drumsticks with sautéed kohlrabi, carrots, and onion. A little butter, thyme, and kosher salt is all it takes to make the veggies delicious!

I think that will use up the share, any extra lettuce will go into wraps for lunches, and the two smaller kohlrabi in my box will come with me for snacks at the office. Raspberries will be a quick snack tonight when I bring them home, if they make it that far! Please remember that our berries are picked ripe and tend to settle in their containers through the day. We hope today is cool enough that they will keep well until then end of your workday, and you can enjoy them immediately. As these are grown in our hightunnels, the berries are very clean. Rinse gently if you prefer, but in my household a little dirt never hurt, we will be eating them right out of the box! Have a napkin handy for the juice stains on your fingers...

Enjoy your share this week, and as always, keep the recipes coming! I love to hear what you are doing with your box each week.


Storage Tips:

Turnips - The fridge can be a little too humid for these, so keep them in the bottom drawer of your fridge, loose and not in plastic

Onions - higher in sugar (for an onion!) these are not great for storage. Trim the tops off and leave on the counter or in a cool dry location until needed. Use within about 3 weeks

Peppers - keep them cool and crisp in your fridge, use within a week

Carrots - rinse with cold water, place in a plastic baggie with a barely damp paper towel.

Romaine - rinse well, pulling leaves off main stem. Spin in a salad spinner, or shake as much water off as you can. Place in a container, laying flat, in the fridge. Will last about 1-2 weeks

Tomatoes - do NOT put these in the fridge! The cool temps will change the flavor and you will miss out on that beautiful summer flavor we are always looking for. Leave them on your counter and use this week.

Kohlrabi - similar to turnips, store in the fridge loose, use within a week. They will slowly dehydrate and shrivel up over time.

New Potatoes - I recommend also putting these in the fridge as they do not have thick skins quite yet. Make sure you take them out of the plastic bag so they can 'breathe'.

Posted 7/16/2019 8:31am by Colleen Quiram.

I had such a wonderful time this past weekend meeting many of you at our CSA farm tours! I hope those of you who braved the heat and sun had fun visiting our farm and gained a good understanding of how we grow the produce you enjoy in your shares. We have a few more tours yet this week and weekend, if you haven’t registered to attend I hope you would consider it. Jerry, Paul, and I would be thrilled to show you around our Montrose farm!

This week might be a tough one for our household to get through the share. Between staying at the farm late for tours, state soccer tournament for my son, and finally making the big move this week, I am not sure exactly when we are all home together, or even where my dishes will be when I want to cook! So I plan to put my husband to work, and all of our recipes will have to be done on the grill this week.

Wednesday - Yesterday I left the office with a good idea of what was going to be in the shares this week. And this morning when I arrived to help pack the boxes, what a surprise! We have enough patty-pan squash to give everyone a little sampling! I am excited to try them, I understand the flavor is very similar to zucchini, but they are so darn interesting looking I want to use the small ones whole if possible. I found this recipe on Pinterest, and the small quantity of patty pan will be perfect with some rosemary roasted potatoes on the grill Wednesday night. I will toss in a handful of the peas also, this recipe intrigues me and I am curious how they will turn out.

Thursday evening is a busy one for us, and unfortunately I think it will be a meal on the go for my guys as I will be at the farm late. I’ll plan to make some wraps ahead of time to keep them out of the fast food lines. I still have some romaine lettuce left from last week, and I am excited to get some of these sweet onions in my wraps this week The kale is tender enough I will use small amounts in the wraps as well. I am hoping it will keep though the weekend in the fridge so I can use it next week. Just trim the ends, place in a glass of water, and keep in your fridge until ready to use!

Friday - We will use at least half of the cabbage this Friday as part of our moving crew dinner! We already smoked a pork shoulder for pulled pork sandwiches in the crockpots, and fresh coleslaw is so good served on top. It will use a carrot or two as well.

Saturday - The grape tomatoes look as if they could use a day or so on the counter to ripen up. I’ll pick up a few extra at the farm and make some homemade Caprese pizzas on the grill this weekend! The long rectangular naan bread works well for this, I use the small tub of marinated fresh mozzarella (larger tubs are at Costco right now also!), brush the top of the naan with a little oil, grill top side down for about 2-3 minutes, brushing the bottom of the naan with olive oil before flipping. Add some diced tomatoes, shredded chicken or cooked sausage, mozzarella balls (cut in halves or quarters) and diced onion. Close the grill and let cook until cheese is melted. Top with chopped fresh basil, and drizzle with a balsamic glaze. Fresh grilled Caprese Pizza! Perfect for unwinding on the deck at the new house, possibly even with a glass of red wine.

Sunday – This past weekend during the farm tours, Zander made a packet side dish of carrots, cabbage, and onion. I found something similar on Pinterest that I think Joey will love, and it will be a nice quick to prep meal as we get ready for the week on Sunday night. I love experiencing the dishes our coworkers make in their home countries, Natalia introduced me to Borscht a few years ago, and I look forward to making it again this fall!

Monday – Let’s see, I am left with probably some carrots, kale, an onion, and the beans! Easiest thing to do is make a sautéed side dish using at least the carrots, beans, and some onion. Sprinkled with some Kosher salt, Thyme, pepper, and garlic, it would make a quick side! Or I might leave the carrots in the fridge, they will keep for weeks if stored properly. In the past we have rinsed them, but do not scrub, place in a plastic Ziploc bag with a barely damp paper towel, and store in the fridge for 2-4 weeks. And instead I can make this peanut based Thai Green Beans recipe, fantastic with some teriyaki chicken on the grill, and easy to make!  

That uses almost everything from the share for this week! Fingers crossed we can get through most of it, and keep the rest to use next week.  

Again, I enjoyed meeting so many of you this past weekend and thank you for sending recipes! Keep them coming!  


Posted 7/9/2019 8:35am by Colleen Quiram.

Good Morning!

First off, I am very excited to meet many of you in the coming weeks at our farm tours! The tours are filling up quickly, but there is still a little room if you want to come out to visit! Jerry, Paul, Megan and myself will be here to visit with you all, and hopefully the skies clear and weather cooperates for a few beautiful days this weekend!

With the hectic preparations here on the farm, I am keeping the meals simple this week. I have a few recipes to share that look delicious though, the vegetables that we have in this week’s box pair so well together so there are plenty of ideas for you to try!  

Tuesday Dinner – Grilled steak, roasted beets, and green beans. Green beans are one of my son’s favorite vegetables, and by favorite, I mean it’s one I hear the least complaints about! We prefer our beans with a little crunch to them, simply trimmed, rinsed, and tossed in a hot lightly buttered pan while still dripping the excess water off. Cover with a lid for about 5 minutes, stir and sprinkle with garlic and kosher salt (or other herb blend, we really like this one from Penzey’s), cover and let steam for another 3-4 minute, serve while still a bit crisp!  

Wednesday Dinner – Ginger Lime Chicken Lettuce Wraps. This is a busy evening for us, so I am excited to try this recipe and let the chicken cook all day. It should use up the Romaine lettuce and a few carrots.  

Thursday Dinner – Parmesan Zucchini Pasta. The zucchini plants here are REALLY producing, and I am excited to try zoodles this week! I should be able to use 2 of the smaller zucchini in this recipe, plus use our tomato (if it’s ripe!) Joey will sometimes eat zucchini, but I am thinking I will make his half spaghetti/half zucchini, just in case. My basil plant is growing quite well, so I should be able to harvest some of the leaves for this recipe also!  

Friday Dinner – Friday will be jam packed with tour prep, so I think tonight will be a simple fresh coleslaw with sautéed shrimp.  

That leaves strawberries, which Joey will gobble up! Radishes – Shane wants to try pickled radishes, and he loves everything spicy so this recipe is perfect for him! And lastly the mint, which I will plant in a pot and allow to grow this summer, while enjoying a Mojito here and there on the hot summer days! Mostly I will save it to add to pesto later this summer, which I will make and freeze AFTER we move into the new house!  

If you are a zucchini fan, our plants are loving this weather and we have a lot of zucchini here on the farm! Such a versatile vegetable, it freezes well shredded and measured into small containers or baggies ready to use in your favorite recipes. Easily add shredded zucchini to eggs, soups, stews, or make the always popular zucchini bread! Feel free to contact us if you would like to place a bulk order. We can have the zucchini delivered to any of our retail locations for you to pick up!  

I hope I have provided you with a few ideas for this week, and I look forward to meeting many of you this weekend! Shane and Joey will be there as well, so be sure to say hi!


Posted 7/2/2019 8:18am by Colleen Quiram.

Happy 4th of July! I am super excited about this week’s share, some of my favorite produce items are in here and I know it will be a breeze for us to get through it all! I would love to say I will make some involved, creative recipes this week, but I know that won’t happen with the 4th of July holiday! However, I do have some good grilling ideas, and I love hearing how you all are using your shares! Make sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post for some CSA Member submitted recipes.

My weekly meal plan:

I am pretty sure the strawberries won’t make it to dinnertime, Joey and Shane will devour them as soon as I bring them home. I was lucky enough to get a flat of strawberries over the weekend, cleaned and froze them all for some jam making this winter when things slow down. (Here’s the recipe I use!) If your berries arrive a little bruised, I encourage you to rinse and freeze them for use this winter in smoothies, jams, or sauces. Winter strawberries just can’t compare to fresh local berries!

I will be snacking on the smaller kohlrabi at my desk today, just peel it with a knife and slice it up! One of my girlfriends sprinkles them with salt and eats them like an apple which at first I thought was weird but now I understand and do the same. The larger kohlrabi can be a little tougher, and I will use the last two with our broccoli, cut into slices, sautéed with some butter, garlic, and kosher salt. They also add some great crunch diced into salads.

The beets will be on the grill tonight and brought for lunch tomorrow! The smaller bunch I received in my box is just enough for Shane and I to share for one snack. I know beets are not a favorite of many, but I encourage you to give them another try! I trim, peel, and cut the beets into quarters, place in a bowl with just a drizzle of olive or avocado oil, a small sprinkle of kosher salt, and some dried thyme. Wrap them loosely in tinfoil for the grill, or place in a covered glass dish in the over for about 25-30 minutes until tender. Here is another method of roasting beets also!

Wednesday Dinner - I absolutely love these thin-skinned new potatoes! I’m sure many of you have roasted them before, this time we will use diced garlic scapes, dried rosemary, kosher salt, all tossed with melted butter and olive oil (about 1/2tbsp each) and wrapped in foil on the grill. There is probably too much for one meal, but I will make them all and save the rest for a quick side later this week. For Wednesday they will go perfectly with garlic cauliflower. Shane found this recipe on pinterest a few years back, and it’s now one of our favorites for an easy weeknight meal. Just rinse the cauliflower and lightly shake excess water off, place on a large sheet of tinfoil, rub with butter and sprinkle generously with garlic powder (not garlic salt!), wrap loosely with the foil and place on the grill on indirect heat for about 30-45 min.

Thursday – dinner out with friends for 4th of July, stay safe with those fireworks!

Friday – We still have a lot of lettuce to work through from last week, so I am hoping this week’s lettuce will keep next Monday or Tuesday, and we will use the last of week 2 lettuce tonight for some home made taco salad bowls – black beans, pulled pork, salsa, cheese, and maybe some avocado!

Saturday dinner – I’ll pull out those leftover rosemary potatoes and warm them in a fry pan on the stove top. Enjoy them with some steak on the grill and sautéed broccoli with kohlrabi, bacon, and onion for a quick dinner before heading to Delano for the fireworks!

The thyme will be planted in my large pot with the basil from a few weeks back. I’m hoping we get some tomatoes in next week’s box so I can share my grilled caprese pizza method with you and use the basil from week 1! I don’t use fresh thyme nearly as much as I use dried, plant it near the edge of a pot as it will grow and cascade over the side about 6-8 inches by the end of the season.

A quick note on the garlic scapes – these are the top part of the hardnecked garlic we planted last fall. In order to get the garlic to bulb out well, we need to remove the seed head, or the scape, in the early summer. If you put these in your fridge they will last for weeks but will slowly get drier in the stems. If you open the top part of the scape, you will see the tiny little garlic clove flower which would have bloomed this summer. You can use these fresh or cooked as you would green onions, I like to use them in tuna or chicken salads for added flavor and crunch.

I hope you are able to use your entire share this week! And as Jerry stated in his blog post, we still have room in our CSA and are continuing to receive registrations. Let your friends, family, and curious coworkers know they can get in on these amazing boxes by registering online or by giving me a call in the office! I would be happy to tell them more about us, our farm, produce, and our CSA!  

Member Submitted Recipes: in case you still have some items from last week in your fridge!

Chard & Bacon Linguini

Napa & Bok Choy Salad

Rigatoni with Swiss Chard and Sausage