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CSA Box Week 13: Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Posted 9/11/2018 4:13am by Jenna Untiedt.

A healthy dose of fall was has this past week, but now we are welcoming summer back with open arms. It is a funny time of year where we wish for the cool nights of fall, but aren’t ready to let go of the flip flops and warm days of summer. My favorite thing about this time of the year is the ability to get back into the kitchen a bit more. With cooler temps, I don’t feel as bad warming my house up by cooking. Although Sundays have always been my meal prep days for the week, they are now turned into day long adventures with football on in the background, truly a sign of fall.  

Let’s get down to the share this week:  

Sweet Corn: A great white variety with tons of flavor. Please note as Farmer Jerry said in his newsletter that there may be some worms in the tips of the corn. Just take a paring knife and slice off the end. The corn is still 100% edible and delicious. Boiled, roasted, raw, anyway you like to eat sweet corn, this variety will not disappoint. Lately, I have been a huge fan of slicing it off the cob when I get it home, sautéing it a bit, and then storing it in the fridge until I can add it to another dish like my eggs in the morning or a quick stir fry for dinner.  

Zestar! Apples: A nice big bag of apples for snacks or baking. I think a nice batch of apple crisp or an apple pie might be in my future this week. While I love eating these apples plain or with a touch of peanut butter, maybe a homemade dessert is in store this week instead.  

Bok Choy: The easiest side dish to whip up on a busy night to ensure you are getting your green vegetables. Simply add to a frying pan with a bit of garlic and olive oil and cook down. Top with some coconut aminos or soy sauce and you have a wonderful side dish. If you aren’t a huge fan of Bok Choy, try adding it to a soup!

Cauliflower: Please remember that if your cauliflower has little spots on it, it is not mold, but rather from the heat or oxidation after the heads have been cut from the stalk. They are 100% edible. I don’t even bother to slice off the spots, but rather just slice the cauliflower and roast away.

Romano Beans: I made a batch last night. They are simply wonderful. Sauté your shallots in some butter or ghee until crispy and then add the beans. Cover so the beans can steam a bit and there you have it, a wonderful dinner in itself. I did a little experiment a few weeks back and my Romano Beans kept for almost 3 weeks in my fridge. I simply washed and then put in a Ziplock bag with a wet paper towel. I will say the beans did dry out a bit, but they definitely did not mold and I was able to cook them up. Why did I wait 3 weeks? Well, I didn’t mean to, but sometimes I lose food in my refrigerator.

Heirloom Tomatoes: A great reminder of the hot days of summer. These are great on their own or with a dash of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a bit of salt and pepper. Try adding these to your BLTs and notice the flavor difference. Heirlooms are much softer than a traditional tomato, so please know they are not over ripe, it is just the characteristic of the tomato.  

Broccoli: A small sampling as the heat shrunk the heads, but a great treat none the less. Try roasting with the cauliflower and enjoying as a side to the rest of your dinner meal. Store in your refrigerator until use. Also note that broccoli is pretty forgiving in the fact that it can get fairly soft in your fridge, but definitely cooks up very nicely. Don’t let it go to waste!  

There you have it, another week in the books. 4 weeks to go following today, but plenty of things to come like sweet potatoes, squash, brussels sprouts, and more. We are switching to fall mode on the farm which means we no longer have a parking lot as it has turned into a holding spot for bins of pumpkins that are waiting to get shipped out. Our apple harvesters continue to harvest apples, squash is being picked daily, all in addition to the summer vegetables you have come to love in your shares. Enjoy this time of year and all the freshness that is available, because it only lasts for a small amount of time.  

Have a great week!