Bedding Plants

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Annual Bedding Plants

At Untiedt's Vegetable Farm we strive to provide you with a wide variety of blooming and foliage starter plants. Whether you have a small flower pot on your step or a giant flower bed on your boulevard, we can help you find the correct plants for your individual areas. We grow plants that can help provide you with instant gratification along with a full season of color! Nothing says goodbye to a long winter more than a lush colorful bedded garden, container garden, or window box.



Combination Planters and Baskets

All of our top quality baskets and planters have been grown slowly, pinched back multiple times and inspected daily when we water them by hand. Our inspiring combination planter arrangements blend many of your favorite plants to provide you with an array of color for many different growing locations. Sun, part-sun, or shade, we have the perfect combination to fill your needs. Use them as a template for your own window boxes. Since most plants in our planters are also available for individual sale, we can easily match your other container gardens to our potted arrangements.

We always tell customers that most container plants, including hanging baskets, should have their water level checked on a daily basis and be fed once a week. This is the exact policy we follow while raising these robust arrangements.



While our annual selection offers you instant and continuous color, we understand the importance of perennial plants in your landscape. We raise a large selection of sun, part-sun, or shade perennials for you to put in your perfect location for years of enjoyment. Get started planting your perennial paradise with your children - or grandchildren! The whole family can watch as your garden provides beauty for generations to come.




Vegetable/Herb Starter Plants

We also provide a well-rounded base of vegetable and herb starters to get your veggie garden off to a successful start. From basil to tomatoes, fresh spicy herbs to crisp crunchy vegetables - we've got it all for you to grow the foods for a fresh summer picnic. Varieties are selected for garden performance to ensure a bountiful harvest.


 Remember, if all else fails, we'll do our best to make sure our little garden performs well enough to help supplement yours!

We Grow For You!