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Colleen's CSA Meal Plan - Week 12

Posted 9/3/2019 6:08am by Colleen Quiram.

Well, here it is, the end of summer, first day of school for many of our kids, and fall weather in the air. This is my favorite time of year, and not because it’s pumpkin spice season! But just the return to routine, the cool nights with open windows, and not worrying about heating up the house by turning on the oven. Our cooking style changes with the seasons, from fresh, minimal cook time, grilling nights to longer cook times in the oven or one stove top, filling the house with the aroma of delicious food. I hope the late summer/early fall weather lasts! Because I am not a fan of what comes afterwards…  

Here is our meal plan for the week!

Tuesday – As we return to routine, we are just as busy as ever! Between two activities for my son this evening, we will be having a late meal. I have never had fennel before, and I am excited to try this Roasted Carrot and Fennel Pork tonight! I don’t have as much fennel as it calls for, but hopefully enough to give the dish some flavor. This will use up most of my carrots, the rest will be cleaned and cut into sticks for Joey’s lunch.

WednesdayStir-fried Chicken & Bok Choy, this recipe calls for using only the white part of the plant, but as ours are so petite I will reserve the green tops to add at the end of cooking. Have them on the pan long enough to wilt slightly and heat through.

Thursday – We are all home late this evening between work and a cross-country meet. So quick open-faced Chicken and Cheese BLT’s will be made while watching the Packers game on Thursday night. One of the highlights of my fall is Football Season! I baked chicken breast on Monday already, and have it in the fridge cooled. Just slice some up and build your sandwich with tomato, onion, cheese, lettuce, avocado, whatever you want! You can either toast your bread separately or do as we do, butter the bread and grill open face style on the stove top.

FridayAsian Green Beans with pan-fried Tilapia. Joey is getting a bit tired of the plain stir-fried garlicky green beans I usually make, so we will have a slightly different flavor this week!

Saturday – It looks like it might be a cool, damp weekend, so I think I will make a fresh spaghetti with the tomatoes. Comfort food made fresh.

Sunday – again, it’s football season, which to me means Sundays are spent in the kitchen cooking while watching the game! My team isn’t playing on Sunday, so I will have more attention to give to this fresh Corn Chowder recipe. We’ve had a lot of corn on the cob in the past few weeks, so I will keep my corn cool and damp in the fridge until Sunday (which is really pushing it for sweet corn to stay sweet, just a heads up…better to cook the corn earlier in the week if you can)

That just leaves the melons and apples, which are easily added to lunches and snacks for Joey. He will devour the cantaloupe, and the firm texture of this melon should hold up well in a container in his lunch. Remember to keep the melons on your counter until ready to cut, and as these are picked ripe you will want to cut them in the next day or two. Not a fan of fresh honeydew? Try ours, I know the honeydew in the stores are often hard and crunchy, but these are sweet and delicious. Here are some other ideas for your melon as well.

As always, I hope these recipes help spark some joy in cooking for you and help you to use your entire box! Enjoy this return to routine if you have school-aged kids, and hopefully get outside to enjoy an evening walk before the sun sets.