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Colleen's CSA Meal Plan - Week 9

Posted 8/13/2019 8:31am by Colleen Quiram.

When I started working with Jerry a decade ago, I did NOT like fresh tomatoes. Cooked in salsa or sauce, that was the only way I would eat them. However, I did not realize just how AMAZING fresh, home grown tomatoes really were, and I had been missing out! Now I want caprese salads, grape tomato snacks, fresh salsa, and anything I can put a fresh tomato on all summer long. I almost never purchase store tomatoes in the winter, the flavor just doesn’t come close. So when I saw that we were putting 6 tomatoes plus grape tomatoes in the box, I was ecstatic! Tomatoes every day this week!

We are headed camping in southern Minnesota this weekend, so my meals most likely look very different from yours. But maybe you will try something new based on our campfire cooking?

Tuesday Night – Burgers with Grilled Sweet Corn, jalapeno poppers, and Caprese Salad (3 corn, 1 heirloom, 1 slicer, 4 Jalapeno), How can we not have burgers and corn on the grill this time of year?! I am also canning tomatoes tonight and will make a small batch of tomato sauce to use camping (3 canner tomatoes, a little onion, garlic)

Wednesday – We will be busy loading the camper, and a set-it-and-forget-it crockpot Tomatillo Pork sounds amazing! And super simple with some rice and cheese in a burrito. This should make enough for us to leave leftovers in the freezer for lunch on Monday. (15 Tomatillos, 1 Jalapeno, 1 onion, garlic)

ThursdayPie Iron Sandwiches with our little head of broccoli, cucumbers and dip. Sandwiches will include tomato, turkey or ham, onion, cheese, and avocado. This is almost always our first night camping meal, because while Shane and I are getting set up, Joey can get the fire started and get the food ready for us to make a quick meal. If you haven’t used pie-irons over a campfire before, it is so FUN! There are so many recipes you can do, not just sandwiches but also pizzas, desserts, and breakfast.

Camping lunches – we will be using the Cipollini onion, one of the green peppers, and a tomato in our wraps for lunch all weekend. I will be snacking on the grape tomatoes, my guys don’t do fresh tomatoes unless on a burger.

Friday – Campfire Corn (3 ears), Dutch oven potatoes, Jalapeno poppers (we will make extra cream cheese filling Tuesday night!) and we haven’t decided if it will be pork chops or steak or brats yet…

SaturdayDutch oven pizza! When we are camping we love to do some of these outdoor cooking methods, it gets Joey more practice for his Boy Scout trips, and it’s so fun to do something out of the norm for dinners! This will use whatever green pepper is left (if there is any), the tomato sauce I made, and any remaining onion.

Sunday – I had better use that Kohlrabi, I will probably bring home some extra ears of corn from the farm, cut it off the cob and saute in a little butter with diced kohlrabi, green pepper, and red onion. This will make a good side dish for some shrimp or salmon Sunday night. (Here's an example recipe)

I am surprised this week, but this box will be used so quickly, I will need to pick up a few more things from the farm for breakfasts and lunches! Probably some more corn, onion, and some sweet Italian peppers that are now available at our stands (we hope to get you some in the CSA in the coming weeks!) And each week we are using our share in just dinners alone, I am almost always having to pick up more items to make our lunches for the week also.

I hope you are finding ways to use your share, maybe in simple recipes the way I am or in more exotic or complicated recipes if you are having friends and family over! As always, send me the recipes you are using, and let us know what you think of the shares!