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Colleen's CSA Plan - Week 3

Posted 7/2/2019 8:18am by Colleen Quiram.

Happy 4th of July! I am super excited about this week’s share, some of my favorite produce items are in here and I know it will be a breeze for us to get through it all! I would love to say I will make some involved, creative recipes this week, but I know that won’t happen with the 4th of July holiday! However, I do have some good grilling ideas, and I love hearing how you all are using your shares! Make sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post for some CSA Member submitted recipes.

My weekly meal plan:

I am pretty sure the strawberries won’t make it to dinnertime, Joey and Shane will devour them as soon as I bring them home. I was lucky enough to get a flat of strawberries over the weekend, cleaned and froze them all for some jam making this winter when things slow down. (Here’s the recipe I use!) If your berries arrive a little bruised, I encourage you to rinse and freeze them for use this winter in smoothies, jams, or sauces. Winter strawberries just can’t compare to fresh local berries!

I will be snacking on the smaller kohlrabi at my desk today, just peel it with a knife and slice it up! One of my girlfriends sprinkles them with salt and eats them like an apple which at first I thought was weird but now I understand and do the same. The larger kohlrabi can be a little tougher, and I will use the last two with our broccoli, cut into slices, sautéed with some butter, garlic, and kosher salt. They also add some great crunch diced into salads.

The beets will be on the grill tonight and brought for lunch tomorrow! The smaller bunch I received in my box is just enough for Shane and I to share for one snack. I know beets are not a favorite of many, but I encourage you to give them another try! I trim, peel, and cut the beets into quarters, place in a bowl with just a drizzle of olive or avocado oil, a small sprinkle of kosher salt, and some dried thyme. Wrap them loosely in tinfoil for the grill, or place in a covered glass dish in the over for about 25-30 minutes until tender. Here is another method of roasting beets also!

Wednesday Dinner - I absolutely love these thin-skinned new potatoes! I’m sure many of you have roasted them before, this time we will use diced garlic scapes, dried rosemary, kosher salt, all tossed with melted butter and olive oil (about 1/2tbsp each) and wrapped in foil on the grill. There is probably too much for one meal, but I will make them all and save the rest for a quick side later this week. For Wednesday they will go perfectly with garlic cauliflower. Shane found this recipe on pinterest a few years back, and it’s now one of our favorites for an easy weeknight meal. Just rinse the cauliflower and lightly shake excess water off, place on a large sheet of tinfoil, rub with butter and sprinkle generously with garlic powder (not garlic salt!), wrap loosely with the foil and place on the grill on indirect heat for about 30-45 min.

Thursday – dinner out with friends for 4th of July, stay safe with those fireworks!

Friday – We still have a lot of lettuce to work through from last week, so I am hoping this week’s lettuce will keep next Monday or Tuesday, and we will use the last of week 2 lettuce tonight for some home made taco salad bowls – black beans, pulled pork, salsa, cheese, and maybe some avocado!

Saturday dinner – I’ll pull out those leftover rosemary potatoes and warm them in a fry pan on the stove top. Enjoy them with some steak on the grill and sautéed broccoli with kohlrabi, bacon, and onion for a quick dinner before heading to Delano for the fireworks!

The thyme will be planted in my large pot with the basil from a few weeks back. I’m hoping we get some tomatoes in next week’s box so I can share my grilled caprese pizza method with you and use the basil from week 1! I don’t use fresh thyme nearly as much as I use dried, plant it near the edge of a pot as it will grow and cascade over the side about 6-8 inches by the end of the season.

A quick note on the garlic scapes – these are the top part of the hardnecked garlic we planted last fall. In order to get the garlic to bulb out well, we need to remove the seed head, or the scape, in the early summer. If you put these in your fridge they will last for weeks but will slowly get drier in the stems. If you open the top part of the scape, you will see the tiny little garlic clove flower which would have bloomed this summer. You can use these fresh or cooked as you would green onions, I like to use them in tuna or chicken salads for added flavor and crunch.

I hope you are able to use your entire share this week! And as Jerry stated in his blog post, we still have room in our CSA and are continuing to receive registrations. Let your friends, family, and curious coworkers know they can get in on these amazing boxes by registering online or by giving me a call in the office! I would be happy to tell them more about us, our farm, produce, and our CSA!  

Member Submitted Recipes: in case you still have some items from last week in your fridge!

Chard & Bacon Linguini

Napa & Bok Choy Salad

Rigatoni with Swiss Chard and Sausage