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A Wet and Cool Start to the Season

Posted 5/24/2019 2:44pm by Colleen Quiram.

As I draft this short blog I am sitting in our kitchen watching it rain again and again. This morning, it seems the weather has stimulated the local bird population and driven them to the collection of feeders just outside of our kitchen windows. The weather has forced us to slow down and take time to watch and enjoy the Orioles, Brown Thrashers, Cardinals, Red Wing Blackbirds, Grosbeaks, Goldfinches, Grackles, Mourning Doves and many more. In fact, just the other morning we had a Scarlet Tanager, which for us is very rare.

The wonders of our natural world provide us with wonderful entertainment and allow us to take our minds off of the terribly challenging weather. This just goes to show that life goes on even if our normal farming lifestyles have been interrupted by uncontrollable natural events. We can, and do, continue to enjoy this lifestyle we have chosen as evidenced here by the wonderful and beautiful songbirds as well as the backdrop of still beautiful tulips in full bloom in the cool and damp weather.

Now getting back to Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm. The spring weather that we all so much enjoy has been very slow, and the rainfall frequency and amounts have been quite a bit in excess of normal. Our fields are very wet with saturated soils making planting a challenge and most difficult for us as well as most Minnesota farmers. Some examples of this are the apple bloom which is a strong two weeks later than normal, the sweetcorn crop again two weeks behind, and in general most other crops are in the same boat.

Thank heavens due to our large area of high tunnels we have been able to continue working, although it’s all hand labor and slow going.

We will certainly be enjoying the bounties of this type of agriculture much earlier than from our crops in the open fields. For example, our tomatoes are already fruiting and the zucchini have blossoms and small fruit on the plants. So, we want you all to be comfortable with your investment in the Untiedt's CSA knowing your shares will soon be arriving with the freshest, most flavorful MN grown products available.

An important fact that we need to share with you all is that our share sales are somewhat behind past seasons. We believe the reason for this is the large number of rainy, cold, and wet days we are currently experiencing. People are just a little depressed and do not think of flowers and gardening and fresh fruits and vegetables when it is cold and uncomfortable outdoors. Thus, we would appeal to you all that perhaps you could reach out to friends, neighbors, and business associates letting them know about our CSA. We believe these little nudges, along with some sunny days, will bring us back to numbers similar to previous seasons.  

Our very best to you all, and many thanks for letting us Grow For You

Jerry and the Untiedt Crew