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April Thundersnow

Posted 4/11/2019 12:03pm by Colleen Quiram.

The snow is falling…wait, no, the sleet is falling…wait, no, the sleet is pelleting the windows here in the office! Well, either way we are having quite the weather roller-coaster today! We have been getting a lot of questions these past few days about our CSA program, and how this storm might affect not only our produce but also our annual flowers and structures. I am happy to say that as of right now all is well on the farm!

We began planting our tomato plants on Monday of this week in the tunnels, where it is a comfortable 55°. We have many more tomatoes to plant, but they will wait patiently until this storm is over, enjoying their warm space as well. We have generators on standby, as power outages are likely with the amount of wind and ice in the forecast. Our crews are working tirelessly checking heaters, propane, plastic coverings, and power even through the night. Keep them in your thoughts as we all are lucky enough to stay home and out of the weather! 

The annual flowers are also nice and warm, unaware of the weather outside. While we could use some more sun to help them grow thick and lush, they will be beautiful in time for our stands to open in May! This snow and ice should melt quickly, and we are looking forward to getting our retail locations set up in just 2 weeks.

While this storm is packing a punch, we did experience something similar last April. Almost 2-feet of snow over 2 days, and that was almost a week later into the season than this storm. We stayed the course and had produce and plants ready as planned last year, at this time we should not see any delays this year either. We still expect to begin CSA deliveries on June 18th. Although, If Minnesota keeps this up, that may yet change.

Thanks for checking in on us, this is just Mother Natures way of making us thankful for the heat I’m sure she will deliver this summer, right? =)