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Sights and Sounds of Spring!

Posted 3/22/2019 10:15am by Colleen Quiram.

Another beautiful morning has dawned at 33°F without a cloud in the sky and nary a cold breeze to impede the thaw. What a difference a week can make in March. The Canadian Geese arrived last Monday and already the females are laying claim to the best nesting locations on our farm’s wetlands. The male Red Wing Blackbirds have arrived, along with Killdeer, Robins, Mallards and Pintail ducks. Yesterday we saw our first Bluebirds! It’s just a wonderful time of the year as our farm awakens after a long winter’s nap!

Our struggles continue with our very much needed workforce who are still in their native countries due to the delays in the governments visa issuing procedures. Our transplanting and high tunnel preparations are at a standstill. As we reach out to our Senators and Representatives in DC for help, we are basically met with “there’s not much we can do”. This situation is critical, and on both the state and national level, no help for the farming community seems to be the norm.

On the growing front, the snow is rapidly receding with bare fields appearing starting the spring ‘drying out’ season. Thankfully the nights have been dropping below 32°F, allowing the melt to continue in a manner that is slowing the flood potential on our North Fork of the Crow River. The river is flowing at the top of its banks, so a slower addition of runoff water is most advantageous.

We hope you all have seen the incredible Super Worm Moon these last few nights! We encourage you all to get outside this weekend. Open your ears to the beautiful music generated by our returning songbirds, watch the color changing of the tree buds as they swell with new life, and breathe in the smells of spring. We hope you can all enjoy this most precious time of the season!

Our best to you all!

Jerry & Crew