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Spring Flooding - A Note from Jerry

Posted 3/14/2019 7:49pm by Colleen Quiram.

It’s closing in on the middle of March and Mother Nature keeps throwing her troops at us – one after another! We’ve laid our ground and we will not surrender!

Normally we have the first Robins, Red Wing Blackbirds, Killdeers, geese and ducks here by now. This year none of that, the lakes are still covered by 24-30” of ice with two feet of snow on top. Our local White Tail Deer herd has grown to nearly 100 animals, all foraging on last fall’s left-over pumpkins and squashes. The fox squirrels are making a 200-yard dash across an open field to scrounge squash seeds, while exposing themselves to hovering eagles and hawks in the sky above them. Certainly a risky proposition, but one needing to be taken to sustain survival near the end of a brutal winter.

As far as the farm, we’ve completed grafting the first planting of tomatoes, and are trying to slow their grown rate down by keeping our temperatures low and the plants very dry. Our high-tunnels are so snow and ice laden that entry is nearly impossible. As I write, the rain keeps falling which will help melt some ice slowly, but creates an awfully large amount of runoff water contributing to flooding.

Our onion, leek and shallot transplants are doing well, having been in the soil since the 6th of February. Our goal is to transplant them around April 10th, but who knows! Our other seedlings, such as Jicama and Peppers, are gathering heat in the soil, hoping to emerge in the next two weeks or so.

Flower seeding and plant plug transplanting are part of our daily duties now, and will continue until early May. The snow banks have made heating a bit easier as they’ve sealed the greenhouses from cold drafts and helped slow down our propane gas usage.

I do my best to keep you all updated on our growing program and must certainly say Thank You to all that have enrolled in this years CSA Program. Please tell your friends and neighbors that registration is open, which will allow us to keep the program growing.

Many thanks and until next week, we are yours sincerely,

Jerry & Crew