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CSA Box Week 17: Tips, Tricks and Ideas: Final Week

Posted 10/9/2018 7:51am by Jenna Untiedt.

Here we are, the last week of the CSA season. I’m an early morning riser most days, but I won’t be disappointed to sleep in past 2:30am on Tuesdays going forward. While it has been a great season, the weather is forecasting what’s to come. The share this week will keep you nice and warm, while also giving you a few flashbacks to the wonderful days of summer.  

Before I dive into some suggestions for the share this week, I want to thank you all for a great season. Please take a few moments to fill out our end of the season survey, as this survey allows us to continually build a better program each season.

Also, please recycle all boxes at your home after today as we won’t be back to pick up the boxes. If you happen to be around any of our retail locations, feel free to drop off the empty boxes there.  

Lastly, registration for the 2019 Season is Open! Sign up by 12/31 to secure last years pricing. Prices will go up on 1/1/2019.

Now, let’s get down to some fun ideas for the share contents this week:

Fireside Apples: Perfect for baking, apple sauce, or fresh eating. I made an excellent batch of homemade applesauce last weekend. If you haven’t tried homemade applesauce, definitely give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.  

Brussels Sprouts: Snap all the sprouts off the stalk and store in a container in your fridge. They are fantastic roasted whole or chopped. I like to roast with a bit of olive oil and garlic salt for the perfect side dish to any meal.  

Beets: Roasted, boiled, pickled, so many options. A medley of roasted beets, carrots and parsnips truly makes a wonderful fall meal. Store the beets in the crisper drawer in the fridge for up to a couple weeks.  

Carrots: These are the absolute best! Roasted is my favorite way to enjoy these. Peel, dice, and roast on a baking sheet until a bit crispy….so tender and flavorful.  

Parsnips: A great addition to the roasted carrots. These are packed with the carrots and beets, white in color, but so full of flavor. Add a diced sweet potato to the mix and I’m not sure you need anything else for dinner.  

Sweet Dumpling Squash: Dessert at its finest. Bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes or until soft to the touch. Enjoy with butter and brown sugar for an extra special treat, or just some salt and pepper. Store in a cool, dry place to get some extra shelf life out of this variety.  

Buttercup Squash: I was never a fan of buttercup squash until this season. The squash this year has been unbelievable. My favorite thing to do right now is bake a couple of squash on the weekend and store in containers so I can grab for easy lunches or quick additions to dinner throughout the week. You can also freeze squash. Simply bake, let cool then store in a freezer container. This is a great way to make sure none of your squash goes to waste.  

Fennel: Add a bit to the roasted vegetable medley I talked about earlier and the smell of fall will be permeating throughout your house. Make sure to store in a storage bag in your fridge so the smell doesn’t seep into other items in the fridge.  

Potatoes: Another great mixture of potatoes. These will store for a bit, so don’t feel rushed to use them right away. If you are going to use within a week, you can store on your counter. If you don’t think you will get to them that quickly, feel free to place them in the fridge in a dry container or bag for up to 3 weeks. Both varieties found in this bag make excellent fried potatoes or even potato soup. Enjoy!  

Onions: Yes, a full bag, but one that will last for a bit of time. Keep on your counter or in a cool, dry storage area. Use within a month, but these have such mild flavor you should not have a problem getting through them all. If you find that you aren’t using them up, you can saute them and throw them in a freezer bag for later use. They make great additions to soups, stews, or other items throughout the winter months.  

Lettuce: The last of the lettuce is here. This will last for weeks if stored properly. Wash and dry completely, then store in a plastic bag. Take out what you need as you need it and enjoy!  

Pie Pumpkin: While most people use these for decoration, they can be used to bake as well. I am including a recipe in the newsletter for pumpkin bars that uses real baked pumpkin. They are the absolute best. Add a layer of cream cheese frosting at the end and you have yourself the perfect fall treat. You can also try a pumpkin soup or pumpkin sauce for pasta, there really are a bunch of ways to include pumpkin in your diet.  

Tomatoes: The last of the season for many of us. They may not be red all the way through yet, but let them ripen on the counter until deep red. Enjoy one last BLT before we are back to store bought tomatoes for the winter.  

Popcorn: A multiuse item. First use the popcorn as fall décor, then let it continue to dry until after the first of the new year when it can be used as edible popcorn! Shell the kernels and toss in some oil in a frying pan and you have yourself a great evening activity of old fashioned popcorn making!

Sweet Potatoes: Not always the prettiest in size, but definitely full of taste. Store on the counter until you are ready to use. Bake, boil, roast, mashed….so many options to enjoy these. If you decide to mash them, add a bit of sautéed onion and a dash of canned coconut milk to give them an extra dose of flavor.  

Raspberry Jam: Thanks to my mom, everyone can enjoy another jar of jam. Remember these are sealed with paraffin wax, so the seal will pop on the top, but it is completely edible. Enjoy this special treat!  

Honey: Local honey from the bees in our orchard. This honey can help with seasonal allergies, add great flavor to your morning tea, or make a great topping to your toast.  

Maple Syrup: A staple in my kitchen as I use it for pancakes and waffles, a natural sweetener for coffee, or used in many baking recipes. Remember, if you think you will need more this winter, you can always stock up on syrup and honey at our Garden Centers before they close on Halloween.  

Mini Pumpkins and Gourd: Just a small assortment to add some color to your desk or kitchen table. Enjoy!  

There you have it, the final share of the 2018 season. An extremely full share that will hopefully leave you all satisfied. I hope you have enjoyed the program this year and have learned someone about Fresh and Local produce production. Hopefully you have tried something new, found a new favorite vegetable, or at least expanded your cooking skills in the kitchen. Enjoy the winter and we hope to see you back next season!