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CSA Week 3: Jenna's Helpful Hints and Tricks

Posted 7/3/2018 4:43am by Jenna Untiedt.

The share this week is spectacular! Whether picking it up and heading to the cabin or sticking close to home, there are so many things that can be done with the contents. The holiday week or weekend, however you are treating it, is a great way to share your CSA with friends and family. Share your joy of MN Grown produce and help spread the word of buying locally.  

The options this week are truly endless. All are great additions to any gathering that may occur over the next few days. Here are a few ideas hopefully can help you through the share this week.  

Beets: Make sure to save the greens! They make a fantastic salad addition. Here are some quick and easy tips to store the greens and beets. Detach the beets from the greens, wash and store in the fridge. With the beet greens, make sure to wash them as they have a bit of sand on them from recent rains. Trim the greens so you rid them of the red stem. Dry the leaves and store in a plastic bag, but make sure to dry them first! From there, the opportunities are endless. I personally made the salad below last night for dinner and it was phenomenal. You can easily add steak on the side or add more things to the salad such as hard boiled eggs or avocado. It is an awesome summer salad that will definitely be added to my limited rotation of meals.  

Beet Green Salad: Warning: This makes an extremely large portion. A suggestion, prep it all, but only put together as much as you want to eat at one time so you don’t waste it!  

Salad Ingredients:

  • Beets-roasted and diced
  • Beet greens- just the green leaves, cut into thin strips
  • 2 cups cooked quinoa
  • 1 cup halved grape tomatoes, or you can just dice a regular tomato.
  • 1 can chickpeas
  • Feta cheese to sprinkle
  • Make sure everything is cold when mixing together. Toss all ingredients and then mix in dressing.  

Green Dressing: 

  • 3 garlic scapes cut into small pieces
  • 1/2  cup Greek Yogurt 
  • ½ cup Sour Cream
  • Juice of 1 lemon 
  • ¼ cup chopped basil
  • Dash of Salt. 
  • Mix all ingredients together in a blender and then toss the salad in dressing.  

Cauliflower: There are brown spots on the cauliflower due to the heat, this does not make it bad or inedible. Simply cut the spots off, or just roast it and you won’t even know they are there! Another great option is to turn the cauliflower into hummus. Bring the hummus on the boat with you along with some freshly sliced chub cukes and radishes!  

Lettuce: Now is the time for a perfect BLT or BLT salad. I love to prep all the lettuce as soon as I get it home so I can grab and go when needed. Add some fresh lettuce to your BLTs or make a quick salad. If the lettuce is a little wilted, it is due to the extreme heat. Rinse, dry, and add to a Ziploc bag with a moist paper towel to crisp it back up.  

Kohlrabi: Did you know you can foil pack kohlrabi like you do potatoes? Add the kohlrabi to your potato foil packs that may be happening for the 4th and no one will know they are getting a little extra dose of veggies in their meal.  

Garlic Scapes: Pesto, Garlic Butter, Salad Dressings, the opportunities are really endless. I added some scapes to the green dressing I put together. I also added some chopped scapes to some butter in a frying pan on low heat and sautéed some beef in it for an excellent garlic flavored steak that went along with the Beet Green salad. So many options for this unique veggie!  

Radishes: Chop up and add to any roasted vegetable medley you throw together this week. Otherwise, a great addition to the 4th would be little crostinis with shredded radishes mixed together with softened butter. I am pretty sure your guests will love them and not even realize they are eating radishes.  

Chub Cucumbers: I think it is truly summer once chubs have arrived and the first batch of Grandma Punky’s Refrigerator Pickles are made. It is truly a simply recipe that everyone loves! Bring them to the picnic this week, or keep them for yourself! I won’t judge, I don’t like to share mine once they are made.  

Tomatoes: Finally, tomatoes with flavor! A true sign of summer is a tomato sandwich. I was traveling over the weekend and didn’t return home until late Sunday night, followed by leaving my house again early Monday morning. The great thing about working across the street from your parent’s house is when you have no food for lunch, you can raid their house. It’s easily a 20 minute drive to the closest place to grab lunch, so Mom’s house is often it. So, now is the time of year I often eat tomato sandwiches for lunch. Sometimes I get fancy and add bacon, but really fresh tomato on toast is a great option!  

Strawberries: Please remember that the berries may not look perfect in the shares. The heat is REALLY hard on them, making it extremely hard for us to send them in shares, but we are trying our absolute best. Even if they are soft and a little smooshed when you receive them, you can still use them! Add them to a smoothie or smash together for topping on ice cream. We often eat with our eyes, but there are so many great things that taste awesome, even if they look bad.  

Peaches: Obviously, not MN grown, but a tradition we started many years ago. Let them ripen a bit on your counter before enjoying alone, with cottage cheese, ice cream, or on top of cereal. Truly a summer treat!   There you have it! Week 3 is here and you have some work cut out for you. So many great veggies this week and hopefully you can all make it through the box. Remember to check out our Instagram or Facebook for more ideas throughout the week. We love seeing what you all are up to.  

Remember to register for Farm Tours. Space is limited, but we added several tours to accommodate as many CSA members as possible. Farm Tour Registration!