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CSA Week 2: Jenna's Helpful Hints and Tricks

Posted 6/26/2018 6:42am by Jenna Untiedt.

It is already Week 2 of the CSA! Well, let’s just be thankful that all the strawberries were picked late last night for this week’s share because when I was walking into the office at 2:30 this morning, we had an extremely heavy rainfall that lasted for a few hours. Although as I write this at 6am, it has stopped raining, the fields are definitely going to be a muddy mess for the next few days.  

This share is a great mix of cook now or use later. What I mean is that you can definitely use some of the produce immediately, or you can save it for the upcoming weekend. A friendly reminder to store your produce as soon as you can, this will definitely help it keep its freshness.  

Lettuce Mixes: There are two types of lettuce this week: Romaine and Salanova Mix. Max sure to give these a good rinse. Although they are grown in the high tunnels, the pounding rains we have had over the past week still manage to splash us sand and dirt, making it a bit gritty at times. We do our best to shake it out when cutting, but it is always a good idea to give it a good rinse. These are fantastic mixes for salads. The box this week is full of goodies that can top the salads.  

Swiss Chard: A BEAUTIFUL dark red color and the flavor is outstanding. I personally like to sauté about 4 pieces of bacon in a large frying pan. I slice the chard nice and thin, including the stems and add to the bacon grease once the bacon is done along with some minced garlic. Add the bacon back in small pieces once the chard is cooked. For another nice flavor, add in about ½-1tbsp of red wine vinegar. This is great as a side dish with dinner, or a nice compliment with your morning eggs.  

Kohlrabi: There are so many uses for kohlrabi. Make sure to peel the outside of the kohlrabi to remove the tough skin. Dicing the kohlrabi, radishes, and zucchini makes for a great blend of roasted vegetables. Otherwise, there are countless kohlrabi slaw recipes or you can roast them like a potato and turn them into home style fries.  

Zucchini: A great size to make some zoodles if you are having a pasta craving. Otherwise, dice up and add to a stir fry. If you are feeling extra creative, make some zucchini bread! If you feel like you are ever swimming in zucchini, you can always freeze it. Whether you shred it and toss it in a freezer bag, or freeze on a cookie sheet in small pieces, it is great to add to soups in the winter or even bake with.  

Radishes: First off, I can’t wait to made another shredded radish toast appetizer. Simply use a nice style of bread and toast, shred some radishes and mix with a bit of soft butter. Spread on the toast and enjoy. I know I shared this last week as well, but it is a quick and easy spread that has received great reviews! I also like to add a few radishes to my stir fry or roasted vegetable plan. These are so mild and crunchy that they blend right into other roasted veggies.  

Cucumbers: Nice and crispy, a great treat for the upcoming hot spell which is being forecasted. A great snack to take to the lake or pool. Or, add a few to your daily salad. Anyway you eat them, they will definitely be a treat. Asparagus: Absolutely beautiful asparagus for this time of year! Whether you steam it, grill it, or add to a stir fry, definitely enjoy it! If you have time before the temperatures heat up this week, try adding asparagus to risotto, a great treat. Need a quick appetizer? Try wrapping a few spears in bacon and roasting.  

Broccoli: I love broccoli, especially burnt broccoli. Burnt broccoli you may ask? Toss your chopped broccoli in some olive oil and put on a cookie sheet. Roast at 425 for about 30ish minutes, stirring occasionally. It gets a bit crispy and is delicious! Otherwise, it is a great steamed or raw! Another great addition to your salads for the week.  

Strawberries: Please remember these are homegrown strawberries and will be very different than anything you buy in a grocery store. Our berries are picked red and ripe, meaning they may be a bit soft when you receive them. Soft does not mean bad, but means they are ready to eat right away. These will not keep for days on end, so I recommend eating right away. Do not rinse until you are absolutely ready to eat.  

There you have it, the second week of the CSA program. Just a friendly reminder that we will be delivering shares next Tuesday, July 3rd as our crops do not stop growing. If you need to make arrangements, please email me so we can get those changes accommodated.   Happy cooking!