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CSA Box Week 16: Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Posted 10/3/2017 3:49am by Jenna Untiedt.

As I right this shortly before 4am this morning, I am sitting in the office listening to the down pours of rain and giant claps of thunder. It has truly been months if not longer since I have heard rain like this. The rain definitely doesn't help us at this point, in fact, it makes it much sloppier as we try to get pumpkins and other produce out of the field. The rain also makes me think of the two bedroom windows I left open at my own house yesterday morning before I left.....whoops! 

Alright, let's break down the share this week. The temperatures are cool again so the thought of cooking is actually appealing once again. I love fall so much because there is so much you can do with everything in the share this week. Let's begin. 

Lettuce: Perfect for salads. Tuesday nights are always salad nights at my house if there is lettuce in the CSA. They are easy and delicious. Have you noticed how much longer fresh lettuce lasts? If you store it properly, you should get close to 3 weeks out of it, that is, if you don't eat it all right away. My other favorite thing to do with the lettuce right now is to make some egg salad and put it on top of a giant bed of lettuce. Technically, it is probably still a salad, but it definitely isn't as salad-y (is that even a word?). 

Cauliflower: I really just enjoy roasted cauliflower. I will roast the enter head with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. But, I think im going to try something new this week. Everyone I know is talking about Buffalo Cauliflower. I included a link in the newsletter, but here is another one. These look amazing and will definitely be on the menu one night this week. 

Grape Tomatoes: These go great on top of that salad you might have or just as an afternoon snack. Enjoy them while you can!

Kohlrabi: Yes, kohlrabi! Because there isn't a lot of it in the share this week, I would recommend roasting it with your potatoes. It makes the potatoes go longer, and if you have kids who tell you they won't eat it, they likely won't know the difference. If you want to enjoy it on it's own, you can make a quick kohlrabi slaw for a quick side dish or afternoon snack. 

Chub Cukes: These will definitely be added to my salad tonight as well. I try to ration them out though, so ill eat one tonight and the rest will be divided up into two sandwich bags so I can grab them for snacks. I am going to miss the days when I have to buy them at the store again....the flavor just isn't the same. 

Apples: Honeycrisp this week! Im not really sure I need to give you ideas on what to do with these, but they can store in your fridge for a while if you know you can't get to them all this week. If you are thinking you'd like to have a warm breakfast, try mixing a couple apples into some overnight crockpot oats

Green Peppers: I've definitely learned to love peppers on my salads. Otherwise, you can dice the peppers and add them to eggs, stir fry, or use them in a great hash with the sweet potato. 

Sweet Potatoes: Baked, boiled, roasted, or made into a hash, these are wonderful. Sweet potato hash is one of my favorite foods ever. I like to roast the potatoes with olive oil then add them with some sauteed onions, peppers, and anything else in my fridge that needs to be used up like mushrooms or kale. Then you can add a protein of choice and top with an egg......this is a perfect Saturday morning breakfast. 

Butternut Squash: The squash this week are huge! Don't let the size intimidate you though, these are so easy to bake and then enjoy leftovers for a few days or you can freeze the leftovers. Freezing squash is easy and makes for some great side dishes for the late fall or throughout the winter. 

Leeks: Maybe a batch of potato leek soup is in the future? Otherwise, add these to any dish that calls for onions. These also make great toppings for burgers or steaks. 

Potatoes: With the cooler temps, mashed potatoes sound like a great option. Otherwise, diced and roasted these potatoes are wonderful. 

There you have it, week 16s share. Hopefully you find some helpful hints here and can make it through the share this week. Remember, if you can't get to it all, squash will store for up to 2 months, the apples will last a while in the refrigerator, potatoes will store too. Just make sure you properly store your veggies and you can be enjoying this share for weeks to come. Have a great week everyone and remember to be kind to one another.