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CSA Box Week 15: Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Posted 9/26/2017 3:23am by Jenna Untiedt.

From one extreme to another here in the great state of Minnesota. 95 degrees over the weekend to highs in the low 60s if we are lucky. While we are getting our last taste of summer, it is nice to have a few days of cooler temps again to recover from the heat. It is funny to think that I ran my air conditioner more during the month of September than I did August. Weather is a funny thing. 

Many of you have emailed asking when the final share of the season is. We have two weeks remaining after the delivery today, which puts us at October 10th. We have many things to enjoy over these next few boxes, and with the weather cooperating, it will be a great time to be in the kitchen to cook. 

Let's take a look at the shares this week:

Sweet Corn: White and Yellow varieties again this week. Enjoy them now because they are the finale of both varieties. One last summer meal is a great idea to use up this corn. Hamburgers on the grill, slices of tomatoes, and sweet corn. If you can't make it through the corn this week, simply boil and then slice off the cob. Throw in a freezer bag and use in soups and chili this winter. Don't let it go to waste as we all know the quality of sweet corn in the stores goes way down after the Minnesota season is over. 

Tomatoes: The theme of the last few shares is: Enjoy them while you can! The same thing goes for the tomatoes. Enjoy slices on a burger or sandwich or dice into a salad. The flavor is still phenomenal and you won't want to let them go to waste. 

SweeTango Apples: A full bag of apples for you to enjoy. If you have a build up in your fridge you could make crisp, otherwise keep taking them for your afternoon snack. They are a wonderful, healthy treat. 

Cauliflower: It's purple! Roasted is my favorite way to consume cauliflower and this is no different. Toss in a bit of olive oil and sprinkle with a bit of salt, roast at 425 for about 25 minutes and you have a great side to any meal. This variety will remain purple when you cook it which is pretty awesome. Lastly, because we had the surge in temperatures last weekend, there may be a few small brown spots on the cauliflower heads, but it is still completely edible-the heat more or less affects the appearance and not the taste. 

Acorn Squash: Squash season is here! If you aren't quite ready for squash season, these will definitely store. You can keep them on your counter for a few weeks without worrying they will go bad. Enjoy baked or roasted, the taste will definitely make you feel like fall is here to stay. 

Chub Cukes: It is kind of crazy to think we are at the end of September and still have chub cukes left to harvest. A great snack or salad topper this week. Enjoy them while you can because the end is near and then we return to store bought baby cucumbers which definitely have a different taste than these. 

Sugar Cube Melon: Finally! If you could only hear the discussions in the office on the crop failure of the first few plantings, you would understand why we are so excited this planting worked out. We win some and we lose some, these were definitely a challenge this season. Store in your refrigerator. Eat plain, or my favorite breakfast treat is to cut in half and fill the middle with cottage cheese. Some people even eat them with ice cream, all are great options!

Mini Bell Peppers: A handful for you to all enjoy this week. Whether it is in stir fry, raw as an afternoon snack, or mixed in with your morning eggs, they may be little, but they add a lot of flavor! 

There you have it, week number 15. A variety of seasons all coming together in one share. Hopefully everyone can enjoy some time in the kitchen this week. These last few shares have had some items that were ok to let rest such as potatoes, so maybe now is the time to make some potato chowder or another type of soup. Have a great week and enjoy the cooler temps!